Camp Howard Updates Paintball and Laser Tag

April 12, 2017 CYO/CH…The lasertag and paintball courses have been redone at Camp Howard this winter by Ashtien King, Assistant to the Property Director.  Ashtien is no stranger to either sport and has put his own personal touch on the stations.

The Paintball range has moved to a location below Aldergrove Unit which will be exciting for the kids.

A new laser tag shed is under construction to store the materials in during the summer.  Campers age 11 and up are eligible to participate in the laser tag program at Camp Howard.


Above: Laser tag arena at Camp Howard has new areas to hide behind this year.

I Drove Back for the Cabbage!

JANUARY 10, 2017 CYO/CH –Did I tell you what I saw this summer on my way to the office from Camp Howard?  The area has some very impressive “truck farms” which means they raise vegetables for local stores and sales.

The daily summer trips to and from camp from the office or from the convent or from the bus pick up and drop off, affords the opportunity to watch the entire process from planting to harvest of the cabbages and it is beautiful.

I am driving one day and I notice halfway down the field that they are planting the field with the cabbages.  I drive a little ways and I think to myself, “I haven’t seen the planting process in all of my twenty years of trips to the camp!  It will take an extra half hour of time but do it!”

I drove back and patiently waited for the men to get all the way to the end of the field then come back to the end I was at.  It was worth the wait and I would like to share my photos with you of what I saw.  Would you go back for the cabbage?


Planting a field of cabbage four rows at a time.


Above: Making the turn at the end of the row.


Above: refilling the containers with cabbage plants.  You can see the black circles with small plant holders in which each individual plant is placed.  With the help of some sort of mechanical mechanism, the plant drops and is guided by the two silver levers and the plant is planted!  The large orange wheels create a “seed bed” for the plants.


Above: four individuals take a seat on the chairs provided and keep the circular mechanisms filled with plants as two individuals follow for quality control.


Above: All seven of the workers were thrilled to be photographed.  Their work provided a lot of enjoyment for me through out the summer!

CYO 7th Grade Girls – St. Joseph Takes it in Two

9-7-spike-st-joseph-championsSt. Joseph, Vancouver, WA Coaches: Casey Moltrum & Eileen Stemple.  Players: Alyssa, Caroline, Sydney, Rylie, Tyra, Lauren, Renee, Bridget, and Taylor.


Cathedral Portland, OR. Coaches: Fergie Bush, Tully Bush and Patrick Ryan.  Players: Maisie, Nathalie, Chloe, Harper, Elliott, Alli, Madeleine, Avery, Lily and Maggie.

Game Highlights:

St. Joseph jumped to an early lead in game one and and did not look back, winning the game by 18 points.  Cathedral got on the stick in game 2 and reminded St. Joseph’s they had history at the CYO Championship tournament with an early 8-4 lead.  St. Joseph’s not willing to lay down and take it, fought back every inch of the way to a 15 – 15 tie.  Cathedral went ahead by three and St. Joseph tied it up at 22.  St. Joseph had Cathedral on the ropes at 24 – 23 with the serve. Lauren Stemple served the final ball and scored for St. Joseph and the CYO Championship.  A great game by both teams.

Both teams have high school varsity potential and we will see them playing for local high schools in the future for sure.

CYO 6 Boys City Championship Nativity vs Valley Catholic

St. Andrew Nativity defeated Valley Catholic twice in regular season play and came out with a quick scoring spurt in the first quarter of the CYO City Championship 6th grade game.  Nativity outscored Valley Catholic 15 – 9 in the first quarter.  In the second quarter, Valley Catholic came back and tied the game 20 – 20 before an end of half run by Nativity finishing the half 30 – 24.

Nativity was quick and able to drive the basket yet Valley Catholic stayed within 5 points through the third quarter through patient set ups and 3 point shooting.  The third quarter ended 41 – 37 Nativity.

The last three minutes of the game was a St. Andrew Nativity runaway.  Valley Catholic could not drop the ball.  The slight height advantage and skill of #30 Dondrae Fair could not be equaled by Valley Catholic, though Valley’s #33, Reynard Wan played a masterful game getting 10+ points for the Valiants with his under the basket power plays.

6 Boys City 2016 1st St. Andrew Nativity

St. Andrew Nativity 6th Grade Boys win the 2016 City Championship game against Valley Catholic March 12, 2016

6 Boys City 2016 2nd Valley Catholic

Valley Catholic 6th Grade boys place second in the 2016 CYO City Basketball Championships March 12 against St. Andrew Nativity.

All Saints Girls win the 5th Grade CYO BXB Tournament

The All Saints 5th Grade Girls had height in their favor in the CYO City Championship game against the Cathedral girls (photo unavailable).  The contest was played March 6th at Valley Catholic in Beaverton, OR.  Both teams played a good game and it was enjoyable to watch.

The final score was 30 – 16.


CYO Boys Third Grade Basketball Final


A 30 second comeback sparked a barnstormer of a finish in the 3rd grade boys Championship game as the Madeleine team scored 7 points in under a minute.  They came within 3 points with 20 seconds left in the game but fouling to buy time resulted in a 4 point loss to St. John the Baptist.

FINAL: St. John the Baptist 27

Madeleine 23

3 Boys City 2016 1st Place St. John Baptist

St. John the Baptist 3rd Grade Boys win the CYO City Basketball Championship March 5th at Valley Catholic High School defeating the Madeleine 27 – 23

3 Boys City 2016 2nd Place Madeleine

The Madeleine School from Portland, OR took second place in the CYO City Championship Basketball tournament March 5th at Valley Catholic School in Beaverton.

Chloe Foerster Edges out CYO 3000 Meter Champ Kelly Park in the 1500

Kelly Park from Holy Trinity came into 1500 Meter with the best seeded time 5:09.01.  Chloe Foerster from St. Pius X had a seed time of 5:33.46.  At the end of the race, Chloe had a final time of 5:04.41, nearly a 30 second improvement in her time and the 2015 championship.  Kelly Park finished second in the CYO Meet of Champions with a time of 5:12.77.  I suspect Kelly’s effort the day before in the 3000 had an impact on her 1500 performance.

I attended the Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions in Corvallis hosted by Linus Pauling Middle School and had the opportunity to watch Chloe where she finished fourth in the 3000 and sixth in the 800 agains the very best middle school competition in the state.  I might also add that the St. Pius girls won the meet!

Excellent job to the entire field!


Chloe Foerster wins the 1500 Meter Run at the CYO Meet of Champions May 17, 2015

Champion: Chloe Foerster (St. PIus X), Second: Kelly Park (Holy Trinity), Third: Corrina Hatfield (St. Anthony), Fourth: Malea Cesar (St. PIus X), Paige Grant (St. John Fisher), Sixth: Fiona Lenth (St. John Fisher), Seventh: Olivia Silenzi (Valley Catholic), Eighth: Julia Sieber (Our Lady of the Lake)

Champion: Chloe Foerster (St. PIus X), Second: Kelly Park (Holy Trinity), Third: Corrina Hatfield (St. Anthony), Fourth: Malea Cesar (St. PIus X), Fifth: Paige Grant (St. John Fisher), Sixth: Fiona Lenth (St. John Fisher), Seventh: Olivia Silenzi (Valley Catholic), Eighth: Julia Sieber (Our Lady of the Lake)