Museum Exhibit Was Fantastic

Saturday morning we loaded  the bus and headed to the California Museum in Sacramento to visit the Women & Spirit Exhibit about the History of Religious Women in America.  It was very inspirational and something that made us feel really good about the women who helped shape the country.  It was really very moving.  I did take some clips of the exhibit which was allowed so after some editing will share the clips I took.

One interesting tidbit I discovered was about the Mayo Clinic.  It was started by the Sisters and they asked Dr. Mayo if he would work at the hospital if they built it and provided the support!  He said he would and the rest is history!

Because this was the traveling exhibit, it was the featured exhibit and quite large.  After spending about three hours in this section, I could not believe that much time had passed, I then went around to the other exhibits which I described yesterday.  I was especially interested in finding “Ishi” the last wild Indian in America.  It was very interesting and I enjoyed reading the material about it.

We spent the entire morning at the museum and by 1:00 had pretty much seen everything so people broke up into small groups and headed for all points in Sacramento.  My group headed for Old Sacramento which we really enjoyed especially the old hardware store.  Lots of great things to see in this town loaded with history.  After lunch we went to the Train Museum.  Wow…what a place two stories of locomotives…full size…took you through the ages in trains.  Also included a large wing on toy trains.  Incredible building and the content was fantastic – Highly recommend to all train lovers!

Wonderful shops to visit all around Old Sacramento and as 5:00 approached we made our way to the Cathedral for Mass.  The Cathedral was recently renovated and as we learned yesterday, the architect and overseer of the renovation was done by the uncle of our friend, Colleen Nistler, known by many of you.  Her uncle did a GREAT job.  It is beautiful!  Pics to come later.

After Mass, ten of us headed over to the Pyramid restaurant across from the Cathedral and we had a wonderful dinner outdoors where we could enjoy the facade of the Cathedral and people walking .  It was a great evening!  After dinner we headed for our hotel and I have to tell you…I was tired!  I did not even get into the pool!  Just went to sleep!

I can assure you that we all had a great day yesterday.  It was a remarkable event for us and one that I am glad to have taken part in.  Today we head back to Portland on our “Noahs Ark.”  It will be a lot of fun as this group of 44 has really had a wonderful time building community and enjoying the entire trip.

See you soon!


One thought on “Museum Exhibit Was Fantastic

  1. We love the California railroad Museum. Did you walk through the sleeping car that wiggles? Katerina still loves it. So glad the sisters could visit the exhibit.


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