What has Sidelined the Sisters on their Way to Sacramento?…


6:00 am started the day, as usual with Liturgy of the Hours followed by Mass in the Convent Chapel.  7:00 am With excitement, the Sisters went to breakfast, anxious to bring their suitcases down and load the bus!  Discussion at breakfast included itinerary for the day and what the Sisters would be doing who would stay at home.  Waffles?  Chinese Food?  Sr. Rita (Motherhouse Superior) pulled out all the stops to make the weekend special for those who would stay behind.

Breakfast did not take as long this morning as people had things to do before leaving!  Shortly after breakfast, 7:45 am, Sister Charlene announced over the convent intercom that the bus had arrived and it was time to gather and load the bus. The elevators came to a grinding halt as they were called to third, fourth, and fifth floor all at the same time to move the luggage to ground level (you had to be there!)

The Sisters loaded onto the busses with remarkably frugal bags of “stuff” except for me, of course, who had to drag my cameras along to document the trip.  We staked out our areas on the bus and got comfortable as the driver closed the door and began to back the bus out of the loading area near the convent bakery and garages wing.  My heart was touched by all of the people who came out to say good by (Sisters and lay people alike) and wave as we rode down the Sisters’ driveway in front of the old gym and swimming pool.  Staff came out of several doors of the convent to see the sight and wish us a good and safe trip.  We all mentioned how touching it was.

Not long after exiting the driveway, Sr. Charlene led us in a prayer for a safe journey.  We all joined in – using the booklet that was thoughtfully put together for us.

We picked up a few Sisters and guests along the way, Sister Patricia Marie in Medford and Sister Allison’s Mother in Roseburg.

We stopped at Azalea, OR at a place called “Heaven on Earth” where we were treated to cinnamon rolls and coffee – compliments of the bus company Noah’s Ark!  I highly recommend this stop, as it is quite a remarkable place.  One of the staff by the name of “Rosie” entertained us with a song she wrote and told us the story of the establishment.  Rosie has worked at this endeavor for 30+ years and is a dedicated soul.  She will be highlighted in a post later tonight.

Currently 6:30 pm, we are in Redding, CA at Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner.  We will arrive in Sacramento approximately 8:30 this evening, God willing, at Sutter’s Inn Best Western.

We are having a BLAST and remembering YOU in PRAYER.  We would all like to hear from you so please respond to these posts and I will share them with the Sisters.  Thanks for reading and responding!

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10 thoughts on “What has Sidelined the Sisters on their Way to Sacramento?…

  1. Hi, Sister Krista. Hope you are all having a good time. Could you pass this message on to Sister Charlene…I was going to write her, but now she’s gone with you. In fact, knowing a bunch of you are all together makes this even better!

    I wanted to ask your special prayers for my stepson and his wife this week. She has had two life threatening pregnancies and is due to deliver her third ( a little boy) at the end of this week. We need special prayers that everything will all be all right. And I thank you all in advance.

    Have a wonderful time…don’t get too exhausted!! Take care of yourselves! And angels all around you! Margaret Rose


    1. Hi Margaret – Thank you for your note. I had Sr. Charlene read your note this morning at breakfast. We will remember your family for sure! Thank you for following us!


  2. Looks like you are all having a great time. Boy I wish I had one of those cinnamon rolls. I saw Sr. Juanita’s smiling face….she probably ate my cinnamon roll. Have a really good time. Keep the pictures coming. Karen


  3. Dear Sisters, We must have flown over you on our way back to Oregon from CA. Hope you have as wonderful a time as we did. I feel so blessed that Evan has made his decision and is so happy with the path he has chosen. So proud of him! We ended our trip today with a detour to Seal Beach for clam chowder on the pier, and a lovely afternoon in Long Beach sitting by the water and watching the seals, dolphins and pelicans playing in the water. Such beautiful scenery! Enjoy your trip and the exhibit, and keep the pictures and stories coming. They are delightful!


    1. Thank you, Martha! We are happy for Evan as well! Will continue to keep an eye on him as he takes his talents to college! Sounds like he will be close to home which will be nice! Thank you for your follow!


  4. Enjoy the trip – love seeing the photos and reading your stories. Much love and hugs to all of you from the entire Ware Family!


  5. Hello Sisters! I’m so happy to hear that you’re having a good time and enjoying good food and good companionship. I look forward to hearing about your visit to the exhibit and the rest of your journey. Thank you for keeping all of us in your prayers.

    Melinda Mannen and Family


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