CYO 5th Grade Boys Championship Basketball All Saints vs Holy Trinity

March 8, 2018

CYO City Basketball Championships 5th Grade Boys

Home Team: All Saints

Coach(s): Ron DePalma, Jon Spoelstra

Player first names: Emmett, Ryan, Lucas, Samson, Garrett, Alonzo, Aidan, Peter

1 Madeleine

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity

Coaches: Seth Colner, Cole Holthaus, Robert Holthaus

Players: Caden, Andrew, Jack, Noah, Ruben, Justin, Logan, John

2 All Saints

Visiting Team: Madeleine

Coaches: Robert Briscoe, Rob Chandler

Players: Felix, Jonah, Finnegan, Graham, Beckett, Daniel, Jack, Noah, Tate, Nathan, Jacob, Brady



Q2: 24-19 All Saints

Q3: 34 – 30 All Saints

Q4: 41 – 48 Madeleine

Game Highlights:

All Saints jumps out quick and slashes to the basket, often.  Madeleine has a great shooter with lots of perimeter play tough jumpers falling!

Lots of good shots and good passes in the 3rd quarter to bring the game to within 4 points.

With 5:32 left in the game, Madeleine #10 ties the game 34 – 34.

At 3:50, Madeleine takes the lead 40 – 38.  Madeleine made some key shots to take the lead in the fourth.

Both teams are well coached and all of the boys showed good sportsmanship, a credit to their coaches.

FINAL: Madeleine 48 – 41



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  1. Hi. I don’t think the team names listed match up with the team pictures of the kids. FYI

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