Holy Trinity Claims CYO 7th Grade Girls Volleyball Championship

November 17, 2018 CYO Seventh Grade Girls Spike Championships

2018 CYO Champions CYO Volleyball Holy Trinity (Red and Black), Coach: Anh Khoa Nguyen, Zoe Nguyen, Players: Lauren, Chloe, Thanvi, Alicia,Mikayla, Kendra, Adrienne, Ericka, Lauren, Mackenzie, Evelyn

2018 Second Place CYO Championship Volleyball ValleyCatholic (Royal Blue), Coach: AngelicaArellano, Laura Kuhner & Keller Kuhner, Players: Katiya, Nisha, Sydney, Katie, Molly, Alondra, Nikitha, Mansi


Set 1: 25 – 23 Holy Trinity

Set 2: 25 – 21 Valley Catholic

Set 3: 15 – 10 Holy Trinity

Game Highlights: Two tight games to begin the contest with each team splitting a game.  In the third and deciding game both teams showed moments of greatness yet Holy Trinity came out to a 6-1 lead.  Valley Catholic came within one point with a score of 9 to 10.  Holy Trinity sealed the deal scoring 5 more points to Valley Catholic’s 1 point.  A great game by both teams

CYO 6th Grade Boys BXB Championships St. Andrew Nativity vs Holy Trinity….

March 8, 2018

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. Andrew Nativity

Coach(s): Paul Gagnon, David Marlin

Player first names: Natnael, Dexter, Abinezer, Marshaun, Charles, J’Sean, Damion, Naszier, Zamir, Angel, Luis, Omar, Jesus, Nolawe

1 St. Andrew Nativity

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity

Coaches: Seth Colner, Cole Holthaus, Robert Holthaus

Players: Caden, Andrew, Jack, Noah, Ruben, Justin, Logan, John

2 Holy Trinity


Q1: 17 – 5 St. Andrew Nativity

Q2: 31 – 21 St. Andrew Nativity


Q4: 64 – 56 St. Andrew Nativity

Game Highlights:

  • Both of the teams participating were very athletic and smart teams.
  • Both teams had great shooters. The teams were well matched and did a great job getting the ball up the court.
  • Andrew Nativity moved the ball well on offense and kpept the lead the entire game.
  • Holy Trinity never gave up and worked until the final buzzer.

FINAL: St. Andrew Nativity 64 – 56


CYO 5th Grade Boys Championship Basketball All Saints vs Holy Trinity

March 8, 2018

CYO City Basketball Championships 5th Grade Boys

Home Team: All Saints

Coach(s): Ron DePalma, Jon Spoelstra

Player first names: Emmett, Ryan, Lucas, Samson, Garrett, Alonzo, Aidan, Peter

1 Madeleine

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity

Coaches: Seth Colner, Cole Holthaus, Robert Holthaus

Players: Caden, Andrew, Jack, Noah, Ruben, Justin, Logan, John

2 All Saints

Visiting Team: Madeleine

Coaches: Robert Briscoe, Rob Chandler

Players: Felix, Jonah, Finnegan, Graham, Beckett, Daniel, Jack, Noah, Tate, Nathan, Jacob, Brady



Q2: 24-19 All Saints

Q3: 34 – 30 All Saints

Q4: 41 – 48 Madeleine

Game Highlights:

All Saints jumps out quick and slashes to the basket, often.  Madeleine has a great shooter with lots of perimeter play tough jumpers falling!

Lots of good shots and good passes in the 3rd quarter to bring the game to within 4 points.

With 5:32 left in the game, Madeleine #10 ties the game 34 – 34.

At 3:50, Madeleine takes the lead 40 – 38.  Madeleine made some key shots to take the lead in the fourth.

Both teams are well coached and all of the boys showed good sportsmanship, a credit to their coaches.

FINAL: Madeleine 48 – 41



CYO 8th Boys Holy Redeemer or Holy Trinity?

2017 8th Grade Boys CYO Championship Basketball

Holy Redeemer (White)

Coaches: Anton Glover, Terrence Lawrence Roberson, Joe Marx

Players: Trey, Quinn, Luke, Ryan, Samuel, Nickolas, Jalen, Dominic, LaVontae

Holy Trinity – Three time defending CYO Champions.

Coaches: Robert Holthaus, John Lang

Players: Sean, Joseph, Nicholas. Cole, James, Nathan, Ethan, Nathaniel, Amit, Charlie


Q1:  Exciting first quarter action saw both teams come out to a very fast paced high flying level of skill with a touch of jitters especially on the 3 time champion Holy Trinity team.  Quarter score 13 – 5 Holy Redeemer.


Q2:  Holy Redeemer opened the quarter with a basket answered by Holy Trinity’s tall guy, Pickard.  Both teams featured a variety of heights, stages of the growth process in action.  Holy Redeemer’s Anderson answered on the other end of the court.  Back and forth baskets and free throws resulted in a score of 20 -14 Holy Redeemer with 3 minutes left in the half.  As both teams were fully warmed up and in their element by the end of the first half, there was evidence the game would be a good one.  Holy Trinity would be within 4 points before a free throw made it five for Holy Redeemer at the end of the half.  Half time score: 23 – 18 Holy Redeemer.

Q3: Holy Redeemer’s Johnson scores the first hoop of the half and Holy Trinity is unable to answer on the other end.  Phillips puts another two in for Holy Redeemer and Trinity again loses the ball under their basket.  Time out…regroup.  Lang goes to the free throw line and sinks one, sinks two.  Holy Redeemer travels on their end and Holy Trinity gets another chance to reduce the deficit.  Airball!  Holy Redeemer throws it out of bounds on an inbound as Holy Trinity takes over again ball stripped and two more points Redeemer.

Anderson shoots a three pointer and it swishes through the basket.  Holy Trinity answers score 34 – 26 Holy Trinity.  Holthaus attempts another hoop and draws a foul, misses one, misses two, Redeemer rebounds, Trinity steals and Lang is fouled at the layup.  Lang misses one, hits one.  Lang draws another foul on the next trip down, hits one, hits two now a 5-point game!  Holy Redeemer puts in another two and that ends the quarter 36 – 29.

Q4: Lang opens the quarter with a hoop and Shuster draws a foul on the next trip down.  Misses one, (don’t those free throws add up?), misses two, back and forth ensues for three trips up and down before Redeemer adds another 2.  Pickard answers with a mighty muscle shot from below the hoop and time out is called, 38 – 35.  Holy Redeemer inbounds the ball, Hallinan shoots, misses, Johnson rebounds and puts it in.  Both teams give up the ball, Trinity’s Shuster picks up a free throw opportunity and puts them both in.  40 – 37 Redeemer.  Houston…we have a game!  Holy Trinity fans go crazy, launch into some great cheers, Redeemer joins in and the house is rockin’!

Holy Redeemer adds a score by Ridgeway after several player-attempts his goes in followed by another bucket by Anderson on the next trip down.  Redeemer 44 – 37 and Trinity’s Valluri fouls.

Two minutes left in the game and it is not looking good for the three time defending champions.  Not a team to roll over and play dead, Lulay scores for HT and they are still in the game.  Anderson scores again not letting the door open again and he steals the ball, draws a foul.  Holy Trinity takes it down the court but Lang cannot convert, Redeemer picks it up and draws another foul and this time Anderson goes to the line for two.  With 46 seconds left and score of 46 – 39, Anderson throws the ball in as Holy Trinity begins the fouling sequence to extend the season a few minutes.  Hallinan hits two for Redeemer as Holy Trinity rolls the ball down the floor then Lang shoots a three pointer and misses.  Hallinan misses but Johnson puts it up for him and scores two more points.  Shuster puts up a three but again they miss and Johnson goes to the line for Holy Redeemer.  With a twelve-point lead and ten seconds to go, the Redeemer starters head to the bench and the game ends 52 – 39 Holy Redeemer.  It is a great game in spite of the score.  Holy Trinity has won the past three championships but today it went to Holy Redeemer.  Both teams played great games and it was fun and exciting to watch.

1. Holy Redeemer2. Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Battles to CYO 5th Grade Volleyball Championship

5-5-spike-holy-trinity-championsHoly Trinity Coaches: Lina Kwee Nguyen, Anh Khoa Nguyen.  Players Mikayla, Marjorie, Emmanuelle, Kendra, Lauryn, Kyla, Taylor, Leia, Adrienne, Ericka, Lauren, Mackenzie

6-5-spike-holy-trinity-secondSt. Matthew Coaches: Marisol Levick, Lacey Puncochar.  Players: Sophia, Dominique, Gillian, Mary, Bailey, Elisabeth, Emilia, Adelle, Jaydn, Macie, Annabelle.

Game 1 – St. Matthew took pretty handily 25 – 10. 

Game 2, Holy Trinity tied the score at 11 – 11 then took the lead 19 – 13 before handing the serve over to St. Matthew.  With a score of 24 – 20, Holy Trinity scored the last point and won the second game 25 – 20.

Game 3, Holy Trinity came out to the early lead 3-0 before St. Matthew took over the serving and tied the game at 7-7.  A back and forth tug of war continued to the end of the 15 – 13 Holy Trinity win!

Notable Game Notes: Holy Trinity got into the championship game by beating the two time previous contender, Valley Catholic.  St. Matthew, the 2015 champion beat St. Agatha, the number one seed this year.  Both teams played a tough tournament schedule to make it to the big game!  “Anything can happen at the tournaments!”

St. Clare Takes CYO 4th Grade Volleyball Championship

3-4-spike-champions-st-clareSt. Clare Coaches: Theresa Dreves, Tammy Ollivier.  Players: Keara, Shannon, Charlotte, Sydney, Kate, Adeline, Francesca, Sofia, Mia, Anna, Rami, Gabriella.

4-4-spike-2nd-holy-trinityHoly Trinity Coaches: Lisa Knutson, Lisa Sagapolu.  Players: Kiana, Phynix, Ashley, Kira, Phoebe, Mya, Ayla, Kylie, Lorelei

If you have ever watched much developmental volleyball, you will know the games at the lower grades are pretty much dictated by the ability to serve.  This match was no different, however, the girls kept the games  exciting for spectators.  St. Clare took the first game 25 – 23 in a very close contest.

The second game was also exciting with a lot of back and forth bumping,  But St. Clare came out to an early lead and kept it going until they were ahead 20 – 10.  Holy Trinity rallied to 13-20 then 15 – 22.  Holy Trinity kept coming back.  Both teams were a little tense at the end of the second game which also became a factor.  St. Clare took it in the end 25 – 21 in a great fourth grade match.

Both teams will be fun to watch in the coming years.


CYO 6th Grade Boys BXB Championship Christ the King vs Holy Trinity

Sunday March 15, 2015 CYO 6th Grade Boys City Championship Home: Christ the King – Eric Bergeson, Mike Weaver, Geoff Boyd Away: Holy Trinity – John Lang, Bob Holthaus Q1:      17 – 3 Holy Trinity Q2:      19 – 19 Q3:      25 – 41 Holy Trinity Q4:      31 – 55 Holy Trinity FINAL Highlights Set the stage: Holy Trinity won the 2014 Championship against Our Lady of the Lake. Christ the King beat Holy Trinity in pre-season play. Christ the King finished third in 2014. Holy Trinity fans came to the game decked out in Red and white ready to cheer! HT student fans had player heads cut out of paper pasted onto sticks. Holy Trinity took decisive control of the game in the first quarter outscoring CTK 15 – 0 with 30 seconds left. Christ the King got on track in the second quarter, began grabbing rebounds, making some GREAT shots including two three pointers by Jackson Jaha. Two free throws by Jaha, with 46 seconds left in the game tied the game 19 – 19. In the third quarter, Holy Trinity went on a 20 point scoring spree, outdistancing CTK by 14 points. With 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Isaiah Baker fouled out of the game just as CTK ignited a comeback. Unfortunately, CTK was not able to catch up with Holy Trinity but it was a great game to watch from beginning to end. Lots of talent on both teams! 6B1HT

Christ the King takes second place in the CYO City Basketball Championship 2015

Christ the King takes second place in the CYO City Basketball Championship 2015