CYO 6th Grade Boys BXB Championships St. Andrew Nativity vs Holy Trinity….

March 8, 2018

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. Andrew Nativity

Coach(s): Paul Gagnon, David Marlin

Player first names: Natnael, Dexter, Abinezer, Marshaun, Charles, J’Sean, Damion, Naszier, Zamir, Angel, Luis, Omar, Jesus, Nolawe

1 St. Andrew Nativity

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity

Coaches: Seth Colner, Cole Holthaus, Robert Holthaus

Players: Caden, Andrew, Jack, Noah, Ruben, Justin, Logan, John

2 Holy Trinity


Q1: 17 – 5 St. Andrew Nativity

Q2: 31 – 21 St. Andrew Nativity


Q4: 64 – 56 St. Andrew Nativity

Game Highlights:

  • Both of the teams participating were very athletic and smart teams.
  • Both teams had great shooters. The teams were well matched and did a great job getting the ball up the court.
  • Andrew Nativity moved the ball well on offense and kpept the lead the entire game.
  • Holy Trinity never gave up and worked until the final buzzer.

FINAL: St. Andrew Nativity 64 – 56


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