Incredible Work Party of 2017 “Great Job”

CYO/Camp Howard would like to thank the members of the 2017 work party for the incredible job you did on 21 buildings after camp this year!  That is a record accomplishment!  All of the cabins in Fircrest and Greenwood Units, the Main Showerhouse, Camp Store, Camp Office, St. Martha and St. Mary and the Property Directors House!

Anna McLean, Anna O’Boyle, Emma Wycoff, Paige Ally, Latice Brown, John Lance, Anthony Ciota, Silas Warner, Gabe Klinger, Emily Cochran, Leila Blakely and Shawna King, were the summer staff “after camp” helpers!  Camp Director, Nora Gravengaard, Leila Blakely, Shawna King and Karen von Borstel came together to finish up after the smoke from the fires ended the work parties this year.  Special thanks to them as well!

You can all be proud of the work you did to help sustain the life of these buildings as they are all 1953 era “original” buildings and you helped breath new life into them!  they look “GREAT!”  Thank you for staying on to do this work.  We are all grateful to you!

Below: Camp Store


Below: Main showerhouse


Below: 1 of 12 similar cabins from Greenwood and Fircrest Units.



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