At Camp Howard, Youth Leaders Make ALL the Difference!

The youth leaders at Camp Howard for the summer session 2017 have been one of the very best teams of leaders in my 20 years with the camp.  Their development as individuals, willingness to work with one another, ability to lead and inspire have been the ingredients that have made this one of the best seasons on record.

IMG_6511ABOVE Left to Right: Ally Oser, Anna O’Boyle, Natalie Nielsen, Anthony Cioeta, Anna McLean and Lizzy Brown make up the Unit Leaders with Anna McLean being the overall youth leader for 2017 as Program Director.

IMG_6513Camp leadership meetings are held every Wednesday morning with youth leaders and the year around camp staff.  ABOVE Left to right: Natalie Nielson, Anthony Cioeta, Anna O’Boyle, Karen von Borstel (Property Director),  Leila Blakely (Health and Safety Director).


ABOVE: Ally Oser, Lizzy Brown, Anna McLean, Natalie Nielsen, Anthony Cioeta.


ABOVE: Shawna King (Asst. Camp Director), Shelby Dunn (CIT Director), Ally Oser, Lizzy Brown (Unit Directors)


ABOVE: Sr. Michael Francine (Camp Assistant), Nora Gravengaard (Camp Director), Shawna King (Asst. Camp Director)


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