Volleyball Camp with Anna Maria Lopez and Patty Jane

2017 Volleyball at Camp Howard was a drastic improvement over 2016 weather-wise.  Some of the harshest July rains were experienced last year making great use of the new Christ Child covered courts.  This year was a very pleasant change with perfect weather, volleyball on Weigel Field with real grass.  Most important however, was the fact that two of the Greater Portland area volleyball icons were on hand to give the girls some good solid basic drills and coaching advice as they worked with the girls over the four day campout.

Anna Maria Lopez, volleyball and basketball star from St. Mary’s Academy in her day and current Athletic Director at her Alma Mater was on hand with her sister, Patty Jane, to work with the girls.  Several girls from Central Catholic and LaSalle High School came to assist the women at the camp.

CYO/CH is grateful to all of the women for their service to the youngsters over the weekend.


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