Camp Howard Cooks…What’s for Dinner?

June 21, 2017 CAMP HOWARD

I’ve been at the camp since Monday for leadership staff training.  What a great group of young people we have at the camp this summer to lead the way.  The cooks are at the camp year around cooking for our summer program and year around rentals including Outdoor School, church camp outs, family reunions, football camp, you name it.  Our cooks are the best part of our camp.  They do a great job preparing food from scratch and the kids love it!  The cooks always get high marks from the kids each summer.


One thought on “Camp Howard Cooks…What’s for Dinner?

  1. Be interesting to try to figure out roughly how many meals have come out of that kitchen. 3 meals a day for 200 campers for 8 weeks would come to 28,800 just for summer camp. Unless my math is wrong.


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