Holy Family from Portland, OR., won the CYO City basketball championship March 6th, 2016 in a close contest with Holy Trinity from Beaverton, OR.  The City Championship Finals were held at Valley Catholic School.

With 30 seconds to go in the third quarter, Holy Trinity went ahead by 1 point and had trailed since the second quarter.

With 14.2 seconds left in the third quarter, Holy Trinity went ahead by three points.

In the fourth quarter, tied at 34 – 34 with 2:40 remaining, Holy Family went ahead on a free throw.  The game was tied again with 1.08 remaining!  Holy Family #5 put them ahead on a 2 point score and Holy Trinity did not have time to respond.

A GREAT game for all in attendance!

4 Boys City 2016 1st Holy Family

Holy Family School from Portland, OR., 4th Grade Boys won the City Championship March 6th with a victory over Holy Trinity from Beaverton in a very close contest!

4 Boys City 2016 2nd Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity nearly squeaked out a victory but lost by 2 Pts. to Holy Family March 6th in the CYO City Basketball Championship.

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