CYO 5th Grade Boys City Championship a Barnburner

What looked to be a slow moving game in the beginning with a 20 – 14 margin at half time turned into an exciting contest with a score of 22-22 at the third quarter!  St. Clare couldn’t miss in the first half and St. Pius had the hot shots in the third quarter outscoring St. Clare 7 to 2.

With 2 minutes to go and St. Pius X in a situation of “must foul” to have a chance, St. Clare pulled away by 7.  Great game to watch.

IMG_5205Enthusiastic St. Clare 5th grade boys win the CYO City Basketball Championship 2016.


St. PIus X Panthers played a great game against St. Clare in the CYO City Basketball tournament March 2016 at Valley Catholic School.

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