ADVENT…calling us back to reflection

This past Sunday when Father Peter lit the ADVENT candle I had to sit back in amazement at the fact that we are already to December of 2013!!!  Advent is a good time to sit back and really reflect on the past and look ahead with hope to the future.  I have to sit and quiet myself, break away from the hundreds of tugs and pulls and just get quiet!  That feels really good!  Try it!

I am enjoying the moment, letting everything go, looking to let my mind settle on what really matters.  A story comes to mind!  I got an e-mail from Pete Harnish from St. Rose in Longview, WA…

Sister Krista and Jolie,

Just wanted to share some exciting news from St. Rose Longview.  We had a new boy, Kellen, join our CYO 4th grade BB team this year and he is thoroughly enjoying playing basketball and being part of CYO sports.   Kellen is new to Longview, attends public school and is non-Catholic.  After a couple weeks of practice Kellen started asking his mom if non-Catholics could attend St. Rose School.  She replied yes.   Kellen continued to pursue transferring to St. Rose and yesterday his mom registered him as a new student in the 3rd grade.  His sister older also was excited about St. Rose School and she registered in the 5th grade class.  This has excited the boys on the team, lifted the spirits of the 3rd and 5th grade classes, and created some buzz amongst the teachers.  CYO Sports was the only connection Kellen had with the school.

God works in amazing ways!  Thanks for letting St. Rose Longview be part of CYO Sports.   It is making a difference in the lives of many people in ways I didn’t envision.

Just felt like sharing the love. 


Pete made my day!  I am so grateful he shared this news because our relationship with God, our spiritual journey is what really matters.  The ADVENT season calls us to reflect on our journey and make appropriate corrections that keep us on the path.

Fr. Peter lights the ADVENT candle at the Convent Chapel of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.

Fr. Peter lights the ADVENT candle at the Convent Chapel of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.

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