Local Catholic School Girl Set to Marry Prince in February!

Seton Catholic High School is presenting their very first musical production CINDERELLA February 22,23,24th at the Royal Durst Theater in Vancouver, Washington!  My niece, Cheyenne Cunning, will be playing the wicked step-mother!  I would like to ask YOU to join me at one of the performances and help this new school by attending and lending the support of your good nature!

I will be helping at all three performances as a volunteer working on the production.  I have to tell you, it is not easy starting a new school.  Things we take for granted at our established schools are hardships for students in a new school without a theater for example.  The entire production is being produced by volunteer efforts including the rental of the local theater.

Madeleine Hunter, a senior at the school, with hopes of pursuing drama as a career choice following high school, will be playing the title role of Cinderella in this exciting musical production!  Prince Charming will be played by John Tomassi, also a talented actor and founding member, along with Hunter,  of the popular “Setonotes” a school a cappella  singing group.

You are in for a treat as this talented group of young people lend their talents to the production of the play.

Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students.  Your attendance and generosity are most appreciated!

cinderella poster pink

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