Scheduling CYO Championship Games is a science at CYO

Scheduling Championship tournaments is much more than what it looks like to the person picking up their child’s schedule only to wonder what CYO was thinking!  Some of the issues we face each year include the following:

  • Gym availability – was the gym given that particular night?
  • Is the gym the right size for the grade playing?
  • Is the gym conducive to volleyball?  (How low is the ceiling?)
  • Are the teams playing at a location close enough in ability that the same official can do both games?
  • Where are the teams coming from who are playing in the game?
  • Is the home team opening the gym? Closing the gym?  (Maybe round one if at all possible)
  • Do games have to be played on Sunday?????
  • We worked very hard not to have championship games played on Sunday this year but the trade off was late nights for some kids during the week which we have already heard about….We will have to play on Sunday during basketball to get all the games in.
  • Can you work around our school auction? (this is very very hard to do especially since we don’t know who will win or lose!)
  • Can you work around our SAT score tests? Can you work around our placement tests?

CYO is always looking out for the best interests of the teams.  This is always our intention.

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