Champions of Faith Making a Difference

If you attended the first Champions of Faith benefit dinner for CYO/Camp Howard  this past September, please note that thanks to YOU, we were able to accomplish a very important project at the camp.  For fifteen years, the most desired improvement to the camp at the request of the kids, has been to heat the pool.  Thanks to YOU we were able to accomplish that this year and we would like you to know about it!

A pool heater was purchased, ditch dug to connect it to the propane tank, wire cage built around the heater, filled the propane tank, covered the ditches, replanted the grass… just waiting for the kids so we can fire it up and heat the water!  Takes one hour to heat the water one degree, so I am told,  and the temperature will be around 80 to 83 degrees when “up to temp.”

Looking forward to surprising the kids with warm pool water this summer!

Thank you, Champions of Faith!

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