Patron Store Coming to CYO/Camp Howard

A new concept, THE PATRON STORE, is coming to CYO/Camp Howard.   Reading behind the scenes at CYO gives you up close first hand information!  The Patron Store is an online shopping opportunity that was started and originated here in Oregon.  Three high schools were the test pilot schools this fall.  Since then, the Patron Store has added nearly 100 organizations to the online shopping concept.

The way it works is that The Patron Store has gathered a plethora of businesses to offer goods online.  Whenever we, the shoppers, buy these items, a percentage of the profit is sent to the organization.  One of the most interesting features will be the ability to design your own spirit wear.  It will come in a variety of colors and you can design it the way you want it and it will be sent to you.  I have tested it out and it I really like it.  I hope you will check it out too.

I am excited about what we can expect to see from the Patron Store and I hope you will check it out as soon as it launches and become a CYO/Camp Howard supporter.

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