“Leila” Our Camp Howard Safety Monitor!

Leila is a Camp Howard fixture.  She is in charge of Health and Safety which means she and her helper make sure fresh water is put out at several locations daily, checked on, replenished and cups replaced, daily.  She supplies materials to restock the restrooms and makes sure the restrooms are cleaned properly a few times a day.  She and her helper haul garbage sacks from the units and other points around camp to the dumpster daily to keep the garbage in the proper place and away from the pesky crows!  She supplies food from the kitchen to the outdoor white tents where the overflow campers ate until the new Mary’s Lodge was opened.  She oversaw the safe food handling procedures for all outdoor meals.  She checked that the pool was properly facilitated which includes cleaning the filters, checking the ph of the pool, applying the proper chemicals to the pool at the proper time.  She checks to make sure the pool is locked when not in use.  She does much more than this but you get the idea!

Most of the time you are going to get a smile and a genuine laugh from Leila.  If you “done wrong” you are going to get that look over the top of her glasses with a face that asks, what were you thinking?

A precious, no-nonsense, get ‘er done, sort of employee, Leila is the type of person that helps makes things go smoothly, safely and correctly because she is “on it!”

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