Surprised This Morning…THANKS Marguex!!!

I opened the cupboard to make the morning coffee at CYO/CH and what did I find?  Coffee and Tea supplies compliments of the Hunter Tea Company and Raindrop Roasters from Ridgefield, Washington!  Our CYO/Camp Howard friends, Marguex and her Mother, Mary are busy roasting the best coffee in the Northwest in our own backyard!  Marguex was a past CYO/CH staff and participant.

Below: New coffee mugs from the Red Barn where the coffee is roasted in Ridgefield! (Say that 3 times…)


Below: Tea and special coffee roasted and delivered by our own Marguex Hunter!!! THANK YOU!


Below:  I brewed a copy of that super awesome delicious award winning Peruvian coffee roasted with love for CYO/Camp Howard by Rain Drop Roasters and started my day with a GREAT cup of coffee!


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