Giving Tuesday Makes Great Memories Possible


I am so grateful to all of our supporters who believe in our mission to make great memories possible for the 11,000 youth who participate annually in our programs. We rely on financial support to fund scholarships and to continue our excellence in programs. Tomorrow is a well-recognized global day of giving. I encourage you to participate in #Giving Tuesday! Here are two options for giving to CYO/Camp Howard:

  1. Support our scholarship programs:  to give youth an opportunity to play sports or attend camp. (include the photo of girls attached)
  2. Give to the new dining hall at Camp Howard. Very close to my heart is our campaign to complete a new dining hall at Camp Howard: Mary’s Lodge. Please visit our GoFundMe Page where you can see the latest updates and contribute to the new Dining Hall.

Be sure to DOUBLE your donation by contacting your employer for a match. Securing an employer match is a great way to have your donation help even more youth☺.

I am deeply grateful for your support. Many blessings to you and your family as we approach the Christmas season.

Sister Krista

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