Building Bird Houses at Camp Howard

Six campers signed up for bird house building at Camp Howard last summer.  It reminded me of my high school days in FFA (Future Farmers of America) when as a frosh one of the contests was to build a bird house.  I won the contest for the region that year (no brag just fact) and I credit the “mechanical gene” that I inherited from both sides of my family for that accomplishment.  I like woodworking!

We set about cutting out kits for the kids in the camp shop then had a debate over what tools the kids could use.  We agreed the hand tools plus the electric drill would all be acceptable with close supervision.  The kids loved using the drill.  The holes were pre-rilled a little smaller than the screws to keep the wood from splitting and enable the kids to be successful immediately.  They did a good job as you can see from the pictures.  We painted them the same paint scheme as the original cabins at Camp Howard.

We are offering Birdhouse Camp again this summer at Camp Howard.  A great sensory activity that gives kids a feeling of confidence and accomplishment! #sistersblogs #cyocamphoward

BELOW: The photos speak for themselves! Special thanks to Counselor Phoebe for her work on the project!


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