December 8, 2016

The cold winter winds and icy snow and rain sometimes play havoc at Camp Howard.  Fortunately we do not have a lot to complain about but about every 5 years a cabin comes in contact with a falling tree.  During my 20 years with the camp all of the destruction has taken place in Aldergrove unit (built in 1995).

A tree fell during the night and pretty much destroyed a Greenwood cabin, St. John the Apostle.  This unit was built in 1955 making it the second unit built at Camp Howard after the original Fircrest Unit built in 1953.  The tree pretty much had its way with the cabin and crushed  one side of the cabin entirely opening the cabin and destroying the bunks, roof, floor, pylons, windows and heating system!

What next?  Generally we have been able to repair the cabins that have been hit but this one is probably a total loss.  We will see.  The good news is that this is the one unit that has not been re-roofed yet!  How’s that for finding the sunny side?  And most importantly, no one was at the camp as is our practice during times of high winds.

Photo Credits: Karen von Borstel, Property Director, Camp Howard



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