Leila Blakely and Eddy Reyes Making a Difference Behind the Scenes!

Health and Safety Director, Leila Blakely and her very helpful assistant, Eddy Reyes have contributed greatly to the cleanliness of camp, safety in food service, hydration stations around camp and pool safety.  Their daily routines include making sure all of the camp is recycling and composting which includes all of the food at the dining hall.  They gather all of the garbage bins and reline them.  They clean all of the mops in camp keeping them ready for use.  They are in charge of health and safety for food service outside of the dining hall including barbecues and groups that eat outside on the lawn or under the barbecue tents.  This means they deliver the food to the service area and make sure everyone helping with food service is doing it properly all the way down to wearing food service gloves.

They take pool readings and make sure the pool is safe and that it has been cleaned properly.  They make sure groups are showering before getting into the pool!

These positions were added two years ago to ensure that the health and safety of the children at camp was a priority.  The success of these individuals greatly contributed to the outstanding marks received from the Health Inspector last week!

Thanks Leila and Eddy for the great job you have done all summer making great memories for kids!

Eddy Reyes & Leila Blakely

Eddy Reyes & Leila Blakely

Eddy Reyes and Leila Blakely

Eddy Reyes and Leila Blakely

Eddy Reyes and Leila Blakely

Eddy Reyes and Leila Blakely

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