I Went to Camp Howard Today….Here’s the Scoop…

This was a PERFECT day to go to Camp Howard.  There was actually dust on the road!  A sure sign of spring!  Karen, Bill, Candi, Leila and I meet almost weekly to work on our camp improvements for next year.  We are reviewing all of the procedures and we have topics we surfaced during camp last year to discuss In the off season.  Some of those topics include”

  • Keeping the Summer Staff Safe
  • Improving our Emergency Procedures
  • Make sure kids things are packed up properly before they return to Portland
  • and several other topics.

We worked from 10:00 until noon then stopped for lunch.  After lunch, before we started the afternoon session, we went on a field trip to check out the progress on projects.   I can tell you the kids will be jumping for joy with some of the improvements!


Kids Jumping for Joy!


Eagle Scout Project – New Overnight Location with fire pit, logs and sleeping area!


Candi Trapp, Bill Fogarty, Leila Blakely, Karen von Borstel


Mt. Hood between the trees at Camp Howard!

IMG_6528Fircrest Unit overlooking the Bull Run Reservoir

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