CYO Fall Football Championship Results for Third and Fourth Grade

CYO Football has been under a lot of change these past two years.  The goal has been to develop a seventh grade team separate from the eighth grade team.  In order to do this, it was necessary of merge the regions to create more players and thereby have enough players to have the two age / grade groups stand alone.  Therefore Region 1 Spartans joined the Region 2 Bishops and became “CYO North”.  Region 5 Saints and Region 6 Knights merged to become “CYO WEST”.  Region 3 Kings and Region 4 Eagles merged to become “CYO SOUTH”.  Region 8 Stayton Rams continued on unchanged and Region 7 Vancouver Cardinals became “CYO Vancouver” and changed their nick names to the “Cougars”.  There was a lot of give and take necessary for the changes to take place as CYO merged with the PYFL Portland Youth Football League and began playing games with them.  In most cases it turned out to be a positive experience and CYO will continue down this road.  The PYFL does not play an end of season championship so CYO continued the tradition playing for the CYO title at the end of the season.

In Third and Fourth grade the Stayton “Rams” played the CYO West where both teams were plagued by fumbles at the beginning of the game.  Pre game jitters for sure!  In the end after a well played and fun to watch game, the Regis Rams won with a final score of 24 – 6.

2nd CYO West

Stayton Rams make a trip to Beaverton for the 3/4 grade championship football game November 2014
2nd West

CYO West Football from the Beaverton area play in the CYO Football Championships November 2014

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