CYO High School Basketball Championships Central Catholic vs Jesuit…

Nearly 600 high school youth participated in the CYO High School Basketball season this year with a snow storm forcing the end of season tournament to be moved to the following weekend.  CYO Basketball Director, Jenna Bass did a masterful job of finding gym space to finish of the season for the men and women and “make it happen!”

In both boys and girls Championship play, the closing minutes of the games found the teams in very close proximity to one another and tied in several instances.  Jesuit managed to pull it off with 5 of their 8 players with three missing due to their class retreat.

Central Catholic Men gave Jesuit a great game and it was anyones to have up to the end with a final score of 56 – 53 Jesuit.

Dulcich’s Jesuit Women’s team made it clear they came to play.  After an 8 – 0 start, Petrusich’s Jesuit Women’s team came alive and tied the game.  After a back and forth through out the game pattern, Petrusich’s Women went ahead by 5 and Dulcich Jesuit could not catchup.  A great contest between two groups of senior women who enjoyed playing one another.

Central Catholic Second Place CYO Championships

CYO Championships 2nd place Central Catholic Paddy Ellis 15, Joseph Wilson 45, Gunnar Vik, Cole Warner 22, Matt Hart 40, Michael Haines 24, Sam Gomez 25, Will Paustian 23, Cole Boileau 41, Dante Carnevalie. COACH Brian Vik, ASSISTANT COACH Jeff Paustian


CYO Championships 1st place Jesuit Tommy Kaempf 41, Nebea Fekede 14, Jack Tayler 12, Christian Thurley 20, Kaeden Klein 50, Brendan Rude 52, Justin Krack 25, Jack Hamburg 45. HEAD COACH Jim Kaempf, ASSISTANT COACH Dave Sebastian

Jesuit High School Girls CYO HS Championship team 1st place

Jesuit High School Girls CYO HS Championship team 1st place Molly Petrusich 35, Megan Wark 34, Robin Hackman 40, Megan O’Mara 43, Sydney Sirgy 33, Molly Donlon 45, Anne Shields 5, Lauren Brandt 3, Sarah Shank

CYO Championships 2nd place Girls team.

CYO Championships 2nd place Girls team. Rachel Dulcich 20, Megan Furster 30, Abby Wachter 2, Frannie Orlando 55, Cece Wehrley 0, Alex Gill 44, Clare McCarthy 33, Mollie Handkins 1, Maddie Connall 21, Teresa Anctil 34, Julia Shafter 22, Maddy Mathews 32.

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