Wishes for a Blessed New Year!

The Christmas season has been a blessed time at the Convent of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon this year as this is one of the times when the Sisters can come together and work on a project together.  Decorating for Christmas is a favorite for many of the Sisters and the Chapel is one of the main focal points.  The Sisters do not decorate until Advent is over.  Christmas Eve day is a busy time getting everything ready for the vigil Mass in the evening and Christmas Mass the following day.  Decorations will stay up until after the Epiphany.

I hope your new year is filled with many blessings.  Let us invite Christ deeper into our hearts this year.  God Bless you!

IMG_0387 IMG_0456 IMG_0376 IMG_0379 IMG_0442 IMG_0368 IMG_0417 IMG_0366 IMG_0357 IMG_0349 IMG_0408 IMG_0347 IMG_0343 IMG_0334 IMG_0328 IMG_0315 IMG_0305 IMG_0304 IMG_0302 IMG_0295 IMG_0290 IMG_0287 IMG_0282 IMG_0160 IMG_0534 IMG_0517 IMG_0507 IMG_0493 IMG_0492 IMG_0489 IMG_0477 IMG_0470 IMG_0464 IMG_0460

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