Cub Girls High Jump Becomes Fun Event for Fans

During a slow down in the Running events today, it became evident to the crowd thanks to announcer, Jim Bridges, that there was a dual going on in the Cub girls High Jump and he drew the attention of the fans to that event.  Jill Makin from St. Pius X and Hazel Reynolds from St. John Fisher were not only in competition to win the high jump they were encouraging one another as the other jumped.  It was one of those moments when you see competitors at their best and it is fun to watch.  As it turned out, both girls jumped 4’6″ and high jump winners are determined by how many misses you have at a height.  Jill had fewer misses so she prevailed over Hazel.  Both girls did a wonderful job.

Champion: Jill Makin from St. Pius X 5’6″

Second: hazel reynolds 4’6″

Third: Courtney Kingsley from West Hills Christian 4’4″


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