CYO Roadrunner 200 Meter Dash Championship

Kate Marron from CYO Club Madeleine won the  200 meter short distance sprint.  Alexander Tate from CYO Club Cathedral edged out Andrew Alfieri from Valley Catholic in a very close race for the boys 200 Meter Championship.

Girls Results:

Champion Kate Marron from the Madeleine with a time of 31.98

Second: Callan Harrington from St. Thomas More

Third: Katelyn Junker from OUr Lady of Lourdes in Vancouver, WA

Boys Results:

Champion Alexander Tate from the Cathedral with a time of 30.36

Second: Andrew Alfieri from Valley Catholic School

Third: Braydon Daliposon from Holy Trinity

2012 CYO Roadrunner Champion Kate Marron 200 Meter Dash

2012 CYO Roadrunner Champion Tate Alexander 200 Meter Dash

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