Seton Catholic School Play, SSMO trip by Chartered bus to Sacramento…exciting week ahead!

This week will be an exciting week for me.  Life at CYO and Camp Howard is exciting in itself.

What am I looking forward to?  Outside of CYO I am looking forward to the Seton High School Play “You Can’t Take it With You” starring, Madeline Hunter and co-starring, Cheyenne Cunning!  The play opens Friday night at St. James in Vancouver and will play on Saturday and Sunday as well.  The school could use your support so consider checking it out.  Seton High School is a new Catholic High School as of 2009.

We have our Spring AD meeting on Wednesday night.  This meeting will be filled with a lot of interesting information for CYO Athletic Directors for the coming 2012-13 year.

On Friday I will leave town for Sacramento, CA. joining some 40 Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon to travel in a chartered bus to see the Smithsonian Museum’s  “Women in Spirit” – the history of Religious LIfe in America.  I am looking forward to this trip because it caps our 125th anniversary as a religious community.  It is the first time in my 30 years as a Sister that we have done anything like this as a community of Sisters.

I will be blogging about the trip from the bus and from Sacrament so stay tuned.

I hope this is a blessed week for YOU too!

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