Outstanding Game St. John Fisher vs St. Pius X 5th Grade Boys


5th Grade Boys City Championship

St. Pius X vs St. John Fisher

Two teams that show a lot of athletic ability and with height that will come soon they will both be forces to be reckoned with!  Looked like a slam dunk early in the contest but St. Pius X rallied in the fourth quarter bringing the score within 1 at 30 seconds to go.  With 11 seconds in the game, St. Pius X trailing, fouled St. John Fisher #1 who converted for 1 of 2 to lead by 2.  Pius X with one opportunity, missed the shot to tie. It’s in the record book as a GREAT GAME!

q 1 –  5 – 7 (St. John Fisher)

q 2 – 15 – 11 (St. John Fisher)

q 3 – 27 – 19 (St. John Fisher)

q 4 – 34 – 32 (St. John Fisher)


St. John Fisher 5th Grade Boys CYO City Champions 2012


St. Pius X 5th Grade Boys CYO City BXB Second Place 2012.

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