6 Girls Championship Valley Catholic vs Christ the King


CYO City Championships

Valley Catholic vs Christ the KIng

Quality players on both teams.  Valley Catholic’s # 23 created multiple opportunities for the team and was too difficult to overcome by CTK.  Two teams to watch in coming years as skills & height develop.

Q 1 – 10 – 7 Valley Catholic

Q 2 – 19 – 9 Valley Catholic

Q 3 – 27 – 17 Valley Catholic

Q 4 – 40 – 25 Valley Catholic


6th Grade Girls CYO City BXB Champions Valley Catholic 2012


Christ the King 6th Grade Girls Second Place CYO City Championship 2012



One thought on “6 Girls Championship Valley Catholic vs Christ the King

  1. Great win, girls! Thanks for all your hard work and high spirits that made this a very memorable season. Congartulations and thank you also to CTK. You guys are always a great opponent – great players, great sports, great young women. It is always an honor to play you, and we always know it will be a great game.

    Coaches Doug and Melinda Mannen


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