Holy Family wins CYO 8 Girls Volleyball Championship 2022

Home Team: Holy Family

Coaches: Natasha Horsch, Katy Prewitt, Shannon Kaopuiki

Players: Orla, Noa, Kaya, Milania, Paley, Lily, Olivia, Audrey, Finley, Madeline, Lea, Addison

Mascot: Cardinals

Visiting Team: St. Pius X

Coaches:  Vicky Gajda, Hossein Mafinejad, Katarayna Gajdea

Mascot: Panthers

Players: Tristan, Bianca, Sawyer, Magdalena, Elie, Avery, Kiana, Marissa, Jazlyn, Thyvan

Game Highlights

Match 1: Holy Family 25, St. Pius X 19

Holy Family came out to a swift lead and led St. Pius X 17 to 7 at the first time out.

Match 2: Holy Family 25, St. Pius X 16

Great 8th grade girls’ team for the tournament finale.  Holy Family brought a strong presence, good serving, great rally skills and took control from the beginning.  A great game.

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