CYO 5th Grade Girls City Championship Results

SUNDAY March 6, 2022


HOME TEAM St. Anthony (Tigard)

COACH’S: Aubrey Turley, Charles Keller

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Kathryn, Sofia, Bridget, Brenna, Kayla, Hazel, Audrey, Leighton, Ally

VISITING TEAM: St. Anthony (Tigard)

COACH’S: Craig Moore, Ken Feist

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Madeline, Emma, Josie D., Josie F., Allie, Layla, Lydia, Presley

Game Note: First time two teams from the same school played for a CYO City Championship!

Quarter 1

The Olson twins were a force to be reconned with and led a first quarter charge outgunning the blue team 11 – 2.

Quarter 2

Both teams scored 4 points in a tough fought quarter to bring the score to 15-6 St. Anthony Home team to end the first half.

Quarter 3

St. Anthony Home team added 6 points to their total outscoring the visiting team by 4.  The quarter ended 21 – 8.

Quarter 4

Final 26 – 9 Home Team St. Anthony.

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