The Teacher

October 19, 2020

13 days till National Vocation Awareness Week

#11 in a series of 25 short stories

The Teacher

1983-84 School Year, Teacher at St. Mary of the Valley High School (Later to be named Valley Catholic)

I had already graduated from Oregon State University prior to entering the convent in February of 1980.  I had my teaching degree and was ready to start.  I was fortunate the community had a school system, St. Mary of the Valley at the time and was later named Valley Catholic when we went co-ed in 1991.

Life of Christ was the main class I taught, however, I also taught art, stagecraft, photography and yearbook.  Coaching softball was a fun after school activity in my early years, quickly replaced with administrative duties in the near future.

I cannot express the joys of working with youth in a school situation.  The personalities were delightful to work with and I was at a perfect stage in my life to do that work.  You have no idea the impact you may have on young people, so striving to bring your very best self to work each day is extremely important.

I did not always succeed in bringing my best self and I am sure most teachers will agree.  But striving to do it every day helps make it happen more often than not.

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