Why Religious Life over Boeing?

October 11, 2020

21 days till National Vocation Awareness Week

1979 Krista and blood sister, Karla von Borstel at Sigma Kappa, OSU

A former student texted me the question, “What qualified you for work at Boeing and why did you choose religious life over Boeing?”

Great question and one that many people in my situation may struggle with.  Returning to that religious experience I wrote about earlier this week where I realized the importance of and shortness of a life, I reflected with Sr. John Therese about my decision to go to Boeing.  In my mind I knew there was the possibility that once I got wrapped up in work and life at Boeing, the convent would become a thought of the past.  Was it worth risking the opportunity and desire I had always longed for, to live a religious life?  It did not take much wisdom from Sr. John Therese for me to see the value in making a decision to enter the convent.

The thought of working for Boeing as a college graduate was very enticing to me.  My degree in Industrial Arts with studies in mass production and process management were particularly desired at that time and they contacted several of us at the University to consider working for them.  I had completed the extensive background check and was ready to go!  Fortunately, I made that trip to the convent.

I have often reflected on how grateful I have been to have worked at Valley Catholic, CYO and Camp Howard over the years.  I have always considered the kind of work I do to be “heart work”.  A work that fulfils the heart and gives meaning to life.  God is never outdone in his generosity to us or the plans he has for our lives.  We just have to be willing to trust him and say “yes”.

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