Camp Garden Growing…Rhubarb

The “King Kids” are a local family who have helped out in a bunch of ways at Camp Howard over the years!  The recent warm weather gave them an opportunity to help Karen get the garden planted and ready for summer.  Today they worked over the rhubarb plants!  The rhubarb plants are used as ingredients for famous deserts at the camp and loved by the kids!

Note From Karen (Property Director at Camp Howard):

“We needed this rain today to settle the dust.  It is forecast to get warm and dry next week again.  I will start preparing the area around the new dining hall to seed to grass.  That is going to be a job.  Have to get the rocks out of there.  Thank heavens I have those kids.  We will start with that.  Then power rake it.  Pick up more rocks.  Then seed, fertilize, lime, pack, hope for water.  
The picture is Gabe and Elly King.  We were putting fresh bark dust in the garden around the rhubarb plants.  We have already taken our first harvest off of them.  We have 20 plants.  I want one more row eventually.  I will divide the plants again next year.  That will get my 3rd row.”


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