Does your employer match your volunteer hours? Earn free money for your CYO club!

Dear CYO community,

First, a huge Thank You to all of our incredible volunteers that make CYO a huge success! We so appreciate the time, talent and energy you gave to your CYO clubs this year. CYO has attained the reach and impact it has on kids in Portland and Southwest Washington because of you. Second, I’m requesting all of our volunteers check for volunteer hour matching opportunities with their employer. It’s a quick and easy process to potentially earn real money for your CYO club.

  • CYO/Camp Howard a 501(c)(3) organization is approved to receive matching gifts from a number of companies in Portland and SW Washington.
  • Intel, Nike, Microsoft and many other companies have programs where employee volunteer hours and cash donations may be eligible to be matched. Two clubs, along with CYO, received thousands of dollars in matching funds in 2016-17.
  • Check to see if your employer will match donations/volunteer hours by clicking this link:

NOTE: non- affiliated clubs should check with their individual school for information on their matching programs/process.

In addition to our volunteers, I’d also like to recognize and thank our parents and supporters for your encouragement, love and support that you provide the athletes, teams and clubs. All of you make great memories possible for our kids, and I’m inspired as a result to come to work each day!

Blessings to you all,

Sister Krista

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