CYO Championship BXB 4th Grade Boys Valley Catholic vs St. Thomas More…

March 4, 2018

City Championships 4th Grade Boys

Home Team: Valley Catholic (White)

Coach(s):  Shawn Bonnett, Heinz Mueller

Player first names: Alex, Cooper, Nathan, Matthew, Luke, Sam, Marcos, Reid, Jacob, Jack

1 Valley Catholic 4th Grade

Visiting Team: St. Thomas More

Coaches: Douglas Nichols, Jimmy Sharp

Players: John, Enzo, Kalani, Jett, Griffin, Chase, Jake, Max

2 St. Thomas More 4th Grade


Q1: 16 – 2 Valley Catholic

Q2: 32 – 7 Valley Catholic

Q3: 44 – 16 Valley Catholic

Q4: 56 – 27 Valley Catholic

A great game that saw a lot of exceptional ability for fourth graders.  Valley Catholic brought a lot of fire power to the game, outmatching St. Thomas More, a team that fought until the end of the contest.

FINAL: 56 – 27 Valley Catholic

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