Screen Saver from Orlando

For my friends and family in Oregon and Indiana who are enjoying the effects of the cold weather and snow…I took a picture this yesterday morning of the palm trees on my way to breakfast with other not for profit camps at the American Camping Association Conference in Orlando, FL.

It was an extremely busy day with 10 minutes passing time in between sessions.  I thought you might like to know what sessions I attended yesterday: Finding and Reconnecting Your Camp Alumni For the Good of Your Camp, Keynote Lecture with Dan Heath (Exceptional), Religiously Affiliated Camps Lunch, Increasing Retention of New Families, Engaging Millennials: Ten Essential Strategies for Camps, Parents Demand a “Return on Investment” from Camp.

Karen, Leila, Nora, Shawna and I made a point to chart the classes we would take to be sure we hit as many as we could to bring information back to share with one another.  It was a GREAT day and we learned a LOT.

Dan Heath, the Keynote speaker for the day co-wrote three of the most loved business books of the past decade: Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive.  Every member of the assembly received their new book, “The Power of Moments”


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