Ian Bello Earns Gold for Valley Catholic in Roadrunner 400

A close contest with Bello and Lee separated by four, one hundredths of a second. The photo finish showed Bello to be the winner which gave his team 10 points for the win. Congratulations to both youngsters!

  1. Ian Bello, Valley Catholic, 1:05.81
  2. Theodore Lee, St. Ignatius, 1:05.85
  3. Brady Ryan, Holy Family, 1:08.70
  4. Andrew Klopcic, St. Francis/Visitation, 1:10.59
  5. Max Baricevic, St. Thomas More, 1:10.59
  6. Warren Stanton, St. John the Apostle, 1:10.96
  7. Kelvin Norton, St. Pius X, 1:13.43
  8. Joey Donnelly, St. Joseph, Vancouver, 1:13.63

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