CYO Fourth Grade Girls BXB Championships 2017

Feb 26, 2017 – 4th Grade Girls Championships

St. Matthew (White) Coach: Jeff Tuck

Chanelle, Anya, Braxtyn, Alyssa, Emerson, Natalie, Berkleigh, Isabel, London

Madeleine (Blue) Coaches: Julie Cusumano, Heather Matteri

Katie, Lucia, Nora, Tessa, Isabel, Carlyle, Hailey, Ana

Q1: 3-1 St. Matthew

Q2: 7-5 St. Matthew

Quick back and forth game with girls who have a good understanding of the game and fundamentals.  Growth and development will make both teams fun to watch in the future.  They play with a lot of passion!

FINAL: St. Matthew 22 – Madeleine 17


St. Matthew 4th Grade Girls win the 2017 CYO Basketball Championship Title.


The Madeleine CYO Club wins 2nd place in the 2017 CYO Basketball Championship game.

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