Camp Howard Completes 63rd Season

SPECTACULAR!  Another great camping season is in the books!  “Change” was the theme of the 2016 season and there was a lot of it.  A big Swing and zip line was added for the older kids.  Laser tag was a new program for 11 year olds and up.  A Cougar Award was handed out to a camper in every cabin every week!  No exceptions!  Programming was changed to allow for two choices per session.  FOB was moved to the afternoon when the kids are really tired instead of after lunch.  Tshirt sales were through the roof with the new cougar design.  The 100 foot SLIP AND SLIDE had to be replaced during session 5 due to the use it got!  Awesome!  Family Camp sold out and was a blast with Jason Kidd, Jolie Abraham Phanton and Heather Wycoff!  Fishing Camp practically fished the pond empty!  Lots of trout was eaten during the summer by avid fisherkids!

Stay tuned for a series of articles which will go into various aspects of the completed season!  Thanks for watching!


2 thoughts on “Camp Howard Completes 63rd Season

  1. What a fun Session! Session 6 those Fircrest girls did an evening Slip and Slide and had a blast! Counselors and Unit Director all participated. I called it Midnight Slide even though it was quite a bit earlier than midnight (more like 7-8:00)


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