CYO 3rd Grade Girls City Championship 2016

Christ the King (Milwaukie, OR) and the Madeleine School (Portland, OR) made their way to the big dance Saturday March 5th to compete in the CYO CITY Championship.

Third Grade Basketball is all about dribbling the ball and running… all while controlling the ball and not traveling… while the coaches yell out the play by play for their teams to keep them focused on what they should be doing… while capturing the ball from the other team and wrestling it away then “heaving” a high in the air shot as someone catches it, surprised and shuffles around not quite always sure what to do next.  Bonus is when those baskets connect.

First basket recorded in the second quarter matched by the other team within 30 seconds.  Both teams were then off to the races!

FINAL: Christ the King 21 Madeleine 10 – CONGRATULATIONS to both teams for a fun game to watch.

3 Girls City 2016 1st Christ the King

CYO Third Grade City Basketball Champions Christ the King Coached by T.R. Riehl

3 Girls City 2016 2nd Madeleine

Third Grade City Championships Second Place Third Grade Girls “THE MADELEINE” Coached by Julie Cusumano.

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