My Thoughts on the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

I have really enjoyed studying the Civil War History these past 10 years as a personal hobby.  I have watched every film on President Lincoln that I can find.  One of my favorite films is called “Saving Lincoln” which is about his relationship with his body guard who was a friend of his prior to his election to president.

It was a very fragile time in the history of the country when Lincoln was elected.  The Civil War began on April 12, 1861, when South Carolinians fired on federals stationed in Fort Sumter.  The Confederates had removed the American Flag from the Fort and replaced it with the Confederate flag.  One of Lincoln’s Union soldiers went to retrieve the flag and replace the American Flag and was shot in the heart.

This sparked a movement and thousands of people began to join forces with both sides.  Interesting side note: Senator Ned Baker from Oregon joined the Union.  He was a very good friend of President Lincoln prior to his election and Lincoln named one of his sons after Baker.

Shortly after the war began, Ned Baker was killed.  He was the only sitting Senator to be killed in any war.  Baker City was named for Ned Baker.  This death moved Lincoln to sob.

I personally do not think the Confederate flag should fly at any state capitol.  I think it is inappropriate for any flag other than the state flag and American flag to fly at government buildings.

I will go on to say that the freedom loving part of me believes that people have the right to fly the flag independent of state or federal entities.  A news reporter said it well this morning as the flag was removed.  He said that people will continue to fly the flag.  Some will do it with love, some will do it with hate,  some will do it well some will do it poorly and that is American.

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