The Fastest Kids in CYO & Some New Technology at CYO/CH

We have determined the strongest kids in CYO – Shot Put & Turbo Javelin.  We know who can run our messages across long distances the fastest – 3000, 1500 & 800.  We know who can fly the furthest – Long jump and fly the highest – high jump!  Tommorrow begins a series on the fastest kids in CYO – 400, 200 & 100.  We will then finish up with the relay teams!  So stay tuned as we reload our blog with another series of exciting stories.

You might also be interested to know that we are starting to load videos onto the CYO/Camp Howard store on our website of all of the events in track and field this season.  This means you could purchase any one of the events and watch yourself on it!  As you may know, we pay Blue Chip video to come out and film the events with the intention of getting the technology to make it possible for people to download the film onto their computers or mobile devices.  We have finally achieved that ability so we will be adding events until we have all of the current track events up then we will move backwards to all of our past championships that we have filmed.  We began filming around 2003!  It won’t happen overnight but we will be working our way back to the beginning.

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