Makenna Triumphs! Cadet Girls 3000

After 18 years of CYO Sports, I have the benefit of watching the kids grow up through the program and see the work they have gone to, the growth, the wins and the losses.  Let me also say I am for all of the teams and for all of the kids!  I love the stories behind the scenes and I have to say I have enjoyed watching Makenna Schumacher these past few years and especially this year as she won both the 3000 and the 1500.  In 2014 Makenna won the 3000 Meter run, setting a new CYO record of 10:14.86.  She narrowly lost the 1500 in 2014 to Kelly Makin of St. Pius X who set a new CYO record of 4:45.88.  Makenna came back as an 8th grader determined to win both the 1500 and 3000 and she worked very hard to make it happen.

Makenna’s time of 10:10.46 in the 1500 Meter Run on Sunday May 17th, 2015 would have been good enough to win second place in the 2014, 6A Oregon High School Track and Field Championships behind former CYO standout, Ella Donaghu of Grant with a winning time of 9:56.79. Gracie Todd of Sheldon took second place in the 6A championships with a time of 10:14.19.

Makenna & Ember Stratton

Makenna Schumacher and Ember Stratton break the old CYO record for the 3000 at the CYO Meet of Champions 2015

Makenna Schumacher

Makenna Schumacher from St. Thomas More wins the Cadet Girls 3000 and 1500 at the CYO Meet of Champions for 2015


Cadet Girls 3000 Meter Run First: Makenna Schumacher, Second: Ember Stratton, third: Elizabeth Rinck, Fourth: Alexis Kebbe, Fifth: Lucy Huelskamp, Sixth: Na’ama Nevo, Seventh: Mia Middleton, Eighth: Kavah Ryerson

2 thoughts on “Makenna Triumphs! Cadet Girls 3000

  1. Please don’t forget Maya Rayle of St Thomas More, who in the 2014 Meet of Champions, was the 2nd place finisher in the Cadet Girls 1500 meter run…she, Kelly Makin and Makenna all broke the record, in 2014, for the 1500.


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