St. Thomas More vs Madeleine 3rd Grade Boys CYO BXB Championship

3rd Grade Boys City Championship

Home: St. Thomas More (White)

Away: Madeleine (Blue)


Q1: Home: St. Thomas More 2         Away: Madeleine 4

Q2: Home: St. Thomas More 8         Away: Madeleine 12

Q3: Home: St. Thomas More 20       Away: Madeleine 16

Q4: Home: St. Thomas More 30      Away: Madeleine 20



Madeleine dominated until end of third quarter when they scored two for STM tying the game.

St. Thomas More went ahead by 2 on next possession. STM never trailed the rest of the game and won 30 – 20 in a fantastic contest between the two teams!

Awesome Coaches all the way around!

1. STM

St. Thomas More 3rd Grade Basketball Champions 2015

2. MadeleineMadeleine 3rd Grade Boys BXB Championships second place


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