Congratulations Central Catholic and Jesuit High School

Jen Weld Field, Portland, OR

Jen Weld Field, Portland, OR

Saturday December 7th was historic in the State of Oregon High School Football due to the fact that the two largest Catholic Schools in the State met for the first time in a State Playoff Game!

If you were at the game you know how bitterly cold it was especially after the sun set behind the tall MAC building!  But the faithful from Central and Jesuit were enthusiastic through out the contest!

As for those of us in the neutral section of the facility, we had a wonderful view from an interesting perspective.  We were able to watch the interaction between the two teams and the spectators.  An emotionally charged game it was but the camaraderie between the two groups was one of respect and I think thoughtful appreciation for this great event.

I appreciated the fact that SEVERAL of the players from each team had been members of local CYO Football teams.

It was anyone’s game practically to the last three minutes when Central Catholic kicked a field goal to go ahead by 10 points.  This was a very close game and a fun one to watch.  In the end, Central Catholic and Coach Steve Pyne won and for the second time in 60 years they are the best in High School Football!

Jesuit, and coach Ken Potter have certainly had their share of State Championships over the past few years as well.

I am glad I had the opportunity to attend the game and watch one of Oregon’s special sport moments!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Central Catholic and Jesuit High School

  1. It would be great to learn more about High School and College football players who played CYO Football. For example Region 5 football players: Christian Martinek (SJF, JHS, OSU), Trent Werner (SC, JHS) and Doug Brenner (SJF, JHS, UO). Go Saints!


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