Installation of Archbishop Alexander King Sample

Archbishop Alexander Sample AB Sample Bows on Entrance Through him and with him and in him This is the chalice of my Blood This is the chalice of my Blood close up Proclamation of Gospel AKS install 2Apr13 Fr Michael Entrance Procession Priests 2 AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession Priests 1 AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession I EOHS AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession Bishops 2 AKS install 2Apr13 Entrance Procession Bishops 1 AKS install 2Apr13 Cathedra Awaits AB Vlazny Recognition 15 Years Service AKS install 2Apr13

I had the privilege of serving on the Installation Committee for our new Archbishop this year.  The event took a lot of pre-planing behind the scenes and it was a great experience to be a part of.  I worked with some wonderful people and came away with a real appreciation for people who give service to the Church.  It was an awesome experience.

My assignment was to work on the seating for the event.  There were several committees as you can imagine ranging from moving all of the furniture from the sanctuary of the Cathedral to the Chiles Center to providing security in parking lots at the various areas where people parked for the events, luncheons, banquets, providing transportation, volunteer coordination, transportation, hospitality, and many other details. It was a magnificent effort!

The event itself was truly exceptional.  We had over 3000 people in attendance from all over Oregon.  The Knights of Columbus in all their regalia, Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulcher, Cultural representation from various parts of Oregon, Official Greeters, and many other groups and individuals.  It was spectacular!

This was the first Installation Mass for an Archbishop that I have ever been a part of or attended.  I have to say it is an event every Catholic should make an effort to experience if at all possible.  It made me proud of the Church, proud of the people I work with and appreciative of all of God’s people!  It was a faith experience for me.

One thought on “Installation of Archbishop Alexander King Sample

  1. Good one Sister. I love the pics!!

    Jolie Abraham-Phanton Director of Communication CYO/Camp Howard 825 NE 20th #120 Portland, Oregon 97232 Ph: 503/231-9484 xt. 101 Fx: 503/231-9531



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